Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration, Flood Damage and Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Mold Inspections in Alpharetta, GA

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Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Fire Damage Restoration in Alpharetta, GA

At Atlanta Restoration, we are skilled in an array of home and business restoration services. Through professional repairs, remediation, construction, and so on, we assist in the complete restoration of properties in Alpharetta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.

Water Damage Restoration: Emergency Water Damage Services in Alpharetta, GA

Water damage is a serious and detrimental issue that should be addressed by a professional ASAP! At ATL Restoration, we understand the urgency of water damage restoration, which is why our professional team provides you with emergency water damage services that seek to reverse water damage efficiently. Using our skills, experience, and tools we get in and get out, so you can get back to life as usual.

Some common risks of water damage include:

  • Electrical Damage – When water comes in contact with outlets and wiring, it can create an unsafe environment for you, and anyone who comes in contact with your property.
  • Health Risks – If left unattended, water damages can cause a range of health risks caused by mold, bugs, fungus, and other dangerous toxins.
  • Weakened Structure – Water damages can weaken flooring, lamination, and drywall, causing your foundation to warp or become brittle.
  • Corroded Pipes – Did you know that water damage can break down pipes? Water damage restoration stops pipe corrosion in its tracks to prevent further complications.

Mold Remediation Services in Alpharetta

Mold remediation is a multi-step process that gets mold under control through sprays, disinfection, and mold removal services. By identifying mold infestations and creating a plan of action, our indoor air quality specialists improve your air quality and reduce the health risks caused by spores.

Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Restoration for Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta, Georgia is suburban living at its finest. Just outside of Atlanta, Alpharetta residents enjoy plenty of options in dining, living, and recreational activities. With highly-rated school systems and a large number of tech-focused companies, Alpharetta is ideal for families looking to settle down and professionals seeking work opportunities.  If you’ve experienced fire and/or smoke damage in Alpharetta, GA we’re here to give you a hand.

Fires can cause emotional and physical damages that are not easy to reverse. While you may never get back everything you’ve lost in a fire, we do our best to help you restore fire and smoke damage to your home or business. We even work with your insurance company to ensure that claims are filled out properly. If you’re experiencing fire damage in Alpharetta, then give us a ring today!